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Great coffee & cake!

Great coffee & cake!

4th March, 2019

To help us to cover the whole of Northumberland, with great computer support services, my partner and I have just moved to the lovely village of Felton, which is very centrally located, just north of Morpeth. I was very pleasantly surprised to get a call, late one Friday afternoon, from the iconic Running Fox café in the village. The network cabling had failed at some point between the downstairs and upstairs, meaning that one of the tills, and the office PCs, were unable to communicate with the rest of the network. In such a busy establishment smooth running of the […]

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Smartphone and water

What to do if your smartphone gets wet

8th January, 2019

What do you do if you drop your smartphone in water? A puddle, the sink, or heaven forbid, the loo? Did it go under the water, even for a short time, or does it just have a few splashes of rain on the screen? Newer smartphones claim to be waterproof, but are most likely only splash-proof. Do you want to test yours? Are you feeling lucky?

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Is your PC protected from phishing?

Gone phishing…

9th November, 2018

Most of us have had the phone call from "Alan from Microsoft", or similar, who claims that he has spotted a problem on your computer. These are known as "phishing" calls. In these days of Remote Computer Support, and Big Brother surveillance, it sounds plausible, doesn't it. Microsoft may well be tracking your computer to help you to fix it, right?

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Google One

Google Drive to become Google One

5th November, 2018

Coming to a computer near you, very soon, is "Google One". Initially it will only be available to you if you already have a paid-for Google Drive account. Your account will be migrated seamlessly, once it is offered in the UK.

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